Bible Reading Day 302

by markburlinson

Day 302: October 29 (2 Timothy 2)

Good morning !

Thank you to those who have recently mentioned how they enjoy these emails. I’m glad they are an encouragement!

Today we read chapter 2 of 2 Timothy. Paul continues to encourage Timothy to be strong in the faith, to avoid arguments and controversies over non-central issues, and to teach others to follow the heart of the gospel: Jesus died for our sins and God raised Him from the dead.

It is so much easier to keep to what John Wimber used to describe as the “main and plain truths” of our faith. These are the facts God uses to draw others to Christ, and these are the primary reason Jesus came.

Anyone who serves God by declaring these truths must be gentle, kind, and patient. Then others can receive what we have to say.

Which of these verses speaks to your life today?

Have a great day!