Bible Reading Day 305

by markburlinson

Day 305: November 1 (Titus 1)

Good morning!

Happy All Saint’s Day! Yesterday was Reformation Day, marking the day Luther’s 95 theses were posted on the door of All Saint’s church in Wittenburg, Germany. Today is the day that many Christian traditions celebrate the promise that we shall all be united with God for eternity. Originally called “All Hallows Day” (Hallow meaning holy one), this is why last night was called “All Hallows’ Eve” – now shortened to Halloween.

Today we read the first chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus, the final ‘Pastoral Epistle.’ Today we learn that Titus (another of Paul’ disciples) was left in Crete to establish the church and appoint elders. This leads Paul to write instructions about the qualities of elders, as well as warn about the threats to true Christianity that Titus must beware.

Ultimately the conclusion is that our way of life displays the truth of our walk with God (or discloses our hypocrisy and religion).

So today, as we read, let’s ask God to use His Word as a light to shine into our hearts and show us His ways.

Have a great day!