Bible Reading Day 307

by markburlinson

Day 307: November 3 (Titus 3)

Good morning!

In this final chapter of his letter to Titus, Paul gives a summary of “good teachings” which are beneficial for everyone (v8). Part of this section is likely to be an early creed, or summary of beliefs about Jesus and our relationship with Him. Paul tells Titus to insist on these teachings so that “all who trust in God will devote themselves to doing good.”

Again, Paul warns against getting involved in any form of spiritual pride, and he commends Zenas and Apollos who are on a mission trip and need urgent material help.

As you read the first half of the chapter, reflect on these truths that are designed to help every believer to devote their lives to God’s will. See what affirmation there is for you in these verses, and ask God to challenge you with His Word.

Have a great day!