Bible Reading Day 308

by markburlinson

Day 308: November 4 (Philemon)

Good morning!

The final letter of Paul in the New Testament is the letter to Philemon. Paul is writing to a convert of his (Philemon) regarding another convert (Onesimus). This is a letter full of potential difficulties, because Onesimus was Philemon’s slave who ran away. Now Paul is writing to ask Philemon to welcome him back.

There are a wealth of personal details in this letter, giving us a glimpse into the life of slaves and their masters in New Testament times, and also into Paul’s heart for everyone to know Jesus and grow in their faith.

There is also some humor, as Paul reminds Philemon that he owes Paul his very soul in the same sentence as he offers to repay whatever Onesimus owes Philemon!

Notice the change in status that Paul highlights: Onesimus is no longer a slave; he is Philemon’s brother in Christ. In the same way we are now no longer slaves to sin but brothers and sisters of Jesus.

Have a great day!