Bible Reading Day 310

by markburlinson

Day 310: November 6 (Hebrews 2)

Good morning!

Today, chapter 2 starts with a timely warning to listen carefully to the truth we have heard: ours is an active faith, not a passive one. Drifting leads inexorably to ignoring the great salvation God has given, and that is sin.

Jesus became a man, in order to live the life no other man or woman since Adam and Eve could live. Jesus was wholly human, and thus overcame the hold of satan on humanity by His perfect life and sacrificial death. This explains His title “Son of Man” and also gives us great hope. This man for all mankind achieved what no human before or since could achieve: reconciliation with God. And moreover He knows what you and I go through, so He can help us in our need. That’s good news!

Have a great day!