Bible Reading Day 313

by markburlinson

Day 313: November 9 (Hebrews 5)

Good morning!

Today we continue with teaching on our High Priest (Jesus) and what He has accomplished by living a human life, and dying in our place.

The first half of chapter 5 tells us more about this high priest – that He is acquainted with our weaknesses, yet was perfect, and embraced suffering as obedience to God. That does not mean that God causes suffering, but that God intended Jesus to overcome sin and bondage through suffering.

These are deep topics, and the writer is clearly unable to teach the readers fully about these things because the readers had not taken responsibility for their own spiritual maturity. They are like overgrown babies still taking milk, not solid food. Let’s not fall into the trap of expecting others to “feed us meat” – instead, let’s ask God to teach us through His living Word to understand what is right and what is wrong.

Have a great day!