Bible Reading Day 314

by markburlinson

Day 314: November 10 (Hebrews 6)

Good morning!

Chapter 6 continues the teaching about becoming mature, understanding right and wrong in the light of God’s living Word and the example of Jesus, our High Priest.

The writer urges the readers to move on to more mature things, and not keep recapping simple doctrines. Staying stuck in the simplistic can lead to turning away from God after finding Him, and that is almost impossible to reverse, because the person has decided they know better than God.

Instead, those who exhibit faith and endurance inherit God’s promises. Abraham was the first example of this attitude, and likewise, Jesus endured and came into the inner sanctuary of God’s Temple (when the curtain was torn at his death). We too can come right in to the place which was formerly off-limits, because our faith in Jesus and our endurance in believing the truths of God’s Word carry us through to God’s very presence.

How will you enjoy God’s presence today?

Have a great day!