Bible Reading Day 317

by markburlinson

Day 317: November 13 (Hebrews 9)

Good morning!
Today, chapter 9 compares the old sacrifices (which had to be repeated) with the sacrifice of Jesus (which was perfect and does not have to be repeated). The old sacrifices brought forgiveness for sins which had been committed that day or that year; Christ’s sacrifice brings forgiveness for all sin.

The old tabernacle was designed by God as a model of the heavenly reality. Have you ever seen an architectural model? It is a fascinating achievement, but you can’t live in it – it is too small and only designed to show you what the real thing will be like when it is completed.

Now Jesus has completed God’s plan to reunite mankind with Himself, and when each of us dies, there is the judgment – have you accepted Jesus’ sacrifice or not? On that basis you either enjoy or forsake heavenly reunion. It is a once-and-done matter, just as salvation is a once-and-done achievement by Jesus on our behalf.

Who needs to hear that you are sure of your salvation today? Maybe you can help them be sure of theirs too?!

Have a great day!