Bible Reading Day 318

by markburlinson

Day 318: November 14 (Hebrews 10:1-23)

Good morning!

Chapter 10 is divided in two for our reading plan, because there is so much to draw from this section!

The first half of the chapter, which we are reading today, continues yesterday’s teaching on the High Priest Jesus, and His perfect sacrifice. The old sacrifices were essential in the Mosaic Convenant, but in the New Covenant, our High Priest is the sacrifice Himself.

So the universal separation between God and man is now removed, for anyone who accepts the sacrifice of Jesus on their behalf. When we do this, we can come boldly to God, with His laws written on our hearts as living words, not carved on stone tablets as dead works.

And when we come, there are countless promises for us. How many can you count in the verses we read today?

Have a great day!