Bible Reading Day 322

by markburlinson

Day 322: November 18 (Hebrews 12)

Good morning!

After the parade of faith heroes the past two days, today we move into practical application for US – those who come after them in the pages of history.

It turns out that the trouble we go through is used by God!

We are surrounded by the witnesses of faith past, and in response we throw off all that holds us back. We run the race of faith with our eyes fixed on the finish line – our Lord Jesus who authored our faith and will be there at the finish line to congratulate us.

The troubles we experience, no matter their magnitude, are small in comparison to Jesus’ sufferings, yet He is now seated victoriously at the right hand of God. So we too endure, in anticipation of the good fruit of God’s discipline in our lives.

And in that patient focus on Jesus through the troubles of this life, we are to come to Jesus – to receive the benefits of His shed blood. And we are to be careful to listen to God’s voice, so that we will not be like the Israelites, who refused to listen and obey.

We are receiving a Kingdom which cannot be shaken – Jesus is a certain Savior, a sure foundation, and a constant friend. He is all we need today, and every day.

Have a great day!