Bible Reading Day 323

by markburlinson

Day 323: November 19 (Hebrews 13)

Good morning!

We conclude the letter to the Hebrews with practical instruction and personal greetings. The first half of chapter 13 is like a “Reader’s Digest” of Christian living: the simple. fundamental truths of following Jesus, with a warning against following “new” and “clever” variations.

From the old foundation of the sacrificial system, Jesus has now moved us on to the new covenant – where His sacrifice is sufficient. Now the sacrifice we offer is one of praise – for all that He has accomplished on our behalf.

Then, with an exhortation to submit to spiritual leadership, the writer concludes with some personal remarks, and greetings from various groups. This section has enough similarities to Paul’s epistles for some to believe Paul is the author of Hebrews, and enough differences from Paul’s style for others to believe he is not!

For us, the question is not one of authorship – our faith is authored by Jesus, who also perfects us. Instead, what will we do with the instructions we are given here? Which of the foundational statements has most life for you today? And which is the hardest for you to follow? Let’s ask God for grace to do all that pleases Him; both for ourselves and for each other.

Have a great day!