Bible Reading Day 324

by markburlinson

Day 324: November 20 (James 1)

Good morning!

Today we move on to perhaps the most practical letter in the New Testament. James, the brother of Jesus, was the leader of the church in Jerusalem until his martyrdom in AD 62. For him to be a believer is a powerful testimony to the truth of Jesus’ claims and the fact of the resurrection.

In his letter, James has much practical instruction for Christians; on true faith, pure religion, endurance in trials, and true wisdom. Today we read chapter 1 with many powerful one-liners that challenge and guide us, even 2000 years after they were written.

Today, I encourage you to read this chapter more than once (if possible) and read with a notebook or journaling app available to catch the wisdom and instruction that God has for you from the apostle who knew Jesus the longest – his brother!

Have a great day!