Bible Reading Day 327

by markburlinson

Day 327: November 23 (James 4)

Good evening; apologies for another 5pm rather than 5am email!

We are in James 4 today, and James is getting really personal with each of us! All of us at some time have known the consequences of getting into selfishness and jealousy: the results are not pretty. But James nails why this is true: we love the world, and ourselves, and in the process make ourselves enemies of God. The answer is simple, but unwelcome to my selfish heart – humble ourselves before God, resist the devil, and see him flee.

Sideline – if you or I have been resisting the devil unsuccessfully, it’s because there’s a step to take BEFORE resisting the devil that we’ve missed.

James follows this blunt but essential warning with two more: don’t judge others, and don’t boast in your own plans.

So, as you read today (and this chapter is worth reading twice or three times), see what God underlines for you, and humbly accept His Word to you, putting it into action.

Have a great day!