Bible Reading Day 328

by markburlinson

Day 328: November 24 (James 5)

Good morning!

In Chapter 5, James has powerful challenges for us all.

Firstly we are all rich in comparison to the vast majority in this world, and so our motives must be filled with generosity and compassion rather than greed or hoarding.

Secondly, if we are waiting for God’s relief in our sufferings, we have examples in scripture that prohibit us grumbling or complaining, even if our deliverance has not yet come.

Thirdly, we have a powerful tool in prayer yet most of us do not use it as we could.

And finally, if someone wanders away from truth (i.e. God), we can bring them back!

So which of these challenges is most alive for you today? Which is closest to your heart, and which is hardest for you?

Have a great day!