Bible Reading Day 330

by markburlinson

Day 330: November 26 (1 Peter 2)

Good morning!

Peter’s first letter to believers is relatively short, but full of powerful content. Today, he describes the spiritual temple that God is building. You and I are living stones in that building, and Jesus is the living cornerstone of that building. We are built together as God intends, with Jesus as the foundation. But for anyone who does not accept Jesus, the same cornerstone becomes a stumbling block.

Peter then goes on to teach us about authority. His view is not popular today, but he shows why it is correct: God is the source of all authority, and His example is Jesus, who patiently endured mistreatment by authority.

As you read today, ask God to give you a deeper understanding of His heart, and how that contrasts with the values of the world.

Have a great day!