Bible Reading Day 331

by markburlinson

Day 331: November 27 (1 Peter 3)

Good morning!

In chapter 3, Peter continues to teach us about authority from God’s perspective. Wives and husbands are both to relate to each other in ways which are godly, rather than following the customs of their society (whether the Roman Empire or 21st Century America).

All followers of Jesus are to treat each other in ways which show the love of God at work. Verses 8 through 12 give examples of such behavior, with the scriptural explanation of God’s perspective.

The developing theme in this letter is that God’s priorities are different from the world’s, and there is a reality in God which is not visible to this world. Just as it seemed that Jesus was defeated by crucifixion, yet that was His point of victory, so we can experience victory in God even if we suffer in this world.

We have a great hope, and a great future!

Have a great day!