Bible Reading Day 333

by markburlinson

Day 333: November 29 (1 Peter 5)

Good morning!

Peter concludes his first letter with advice for elders and young men, followed by a warning to us all about the devil’s tactics, and a final encouragement about the promise of God’s kindness.

Elders are to serve by example, humbly strengthening the flock in their care.

Young men are to accept the authority of the elders, and all are to serve each other in humility.

The devil has no understanding of humble servanthood. Through suffering, satan threatens us, and seeks to pick off those he can. But we have a faith that can stand firm if we choose to resist the devil’s scare tactics.

That means that we can stand firm in God’s grace, trusting God’s (often hidden) purposes to win through and bring us to a glorious conclusion.

Have a great day!