Bible Reading Day 335

by markburlinson

Day 335: December 1 (2 Peter 2)

Good morning!

Thirty more days after today! Well done for your progress with our readings together!

In chapter 2, Peter warns us about false teachers, their methods, their motivations, and their fruit.

Peter wants us to beware of false teaching, so he describes it in detail. The roots of false teaching are found in satan’s motives: lies and greed. So the fate of false teachers will resemble that of the demons – destruction!

The methods of false teachers are the opposite of scripture, and are common today: despising authority, twisting biblical sexuality, pride and deception, making truth relative, and seeking to control others so they will agree and follow.

Peter tells us clearly that God has already condemned such sin, and destruction will surely follow.

So today, let’s ask God to illuminate our hearts and reveal any falsehood or darkness within, so that we can be those who help others to move from darkness to light.

Have a great day!