Bible Reading Day 337

by markburlinson

Day 337: December 3 (1 John 1)

Good morning!

Much of our last month of readings will be in the book of Revelation; the most mystical and metaphorical book in the whole Bible. For the next several days we will be reading the letters of the Apostle John in preparation for Revelation – his “masterpiece” volume.

We already know from reading John’s gospel that this man was the most spiritually sensitive of the disciples, and also the closest friend of Jesus. His writing is theologically deep and full of eternal perspective. We can learn o much from John.

Chapter 1 is very similar to the Prologue to John’s gospel (John 1:1-18). John writes using spiritual concepts from the store of his experience of intimacy with God.

As you read today, I suggest you list the eternal truths of God’s character you find in 1 John 1. Here are a few to get you started: The Word, The One who is eternal life, The Light, The Father.

Then see what our responses can be to God’s eternal nature. Again a few suggestions to start you off: Our fellowship is with the Father and Jesus; if we live in the light we have fellowship with one another; sharing our testimony (as John does here) enables others to share in our joy.

Finally, notice how many of John’s promises and instructions are directed to us corporately. It is an easy mistake to assume that spirituality is best pursued individually, that I must deepen my relationship with God by my own discipline and effort, but John does not leave us that option. The mighty plan of God is that we humans are so changed by encountering His love that we are drawn together and become a force to be reckoned with!

Have a great day!