Bible Reading Day 338

by markburlinson

Day 338: December 4 (1 John 2)

Good morning!

In chapter 2, John has many challenges for us; a high standard to inspire us, and a perfect example for us to follow.

First we have Jesus, the atonement for our sins, and the challenge to live like Jesus (acting in a way which is consistent with what we say we believe).

Then we have the reminder of an old commandment with new significance every day: love one another.

Thirdly, John outlines three types of Christians: children whose sins have been forgiven and who know the Father; those young in the faith who are strong, with God’s word in their hearts, who have won their battle with the evil one; and those who are mature in the faith, who know Christ who existed from the beginning.

There is a clear progression there: forgiveness for sin is followed by the maturing process (including feeding on the Word, battling the enemy, and becoming strong). Finally maturity is marked by knowing Christ. The idea is much deeper than simple head-knowledge about Jesus. The word for knowing implies intimacy and sharing of everything (in a similar manner to a married couple).

Next, to clarify what love is (and is not), John instructs his readers not to love the world, and to beware of antichrists who deny Jesus. Our safeguard in this is to be filled with the Holy Spirit – He teaches us everything we need to know. Then, when Jesus returns, we will be courageous not ashamed.
Have a great day!