Bible Reading Day 342

by markburlinson

Day 342: December 8 (2 John)

Good morning!

John’s second letter is brief, and to the point: God has commanded us to love one another, and any false teacher who denies the truth about Jesus is not to be included in our community.

John writes somewhat in “code” calling himself “The Elder” (he was the last remaining apostle) and the church to which he writes “The Chosen Lady.”

The reason for this is not stated in the letter but is likely due to persecution and opposition. John was eventually exiled to the Island of Patmos for his faith.

2 John restates themes from 1 John more briefly, and there is an implied apology for the brevity of the letter toward the end.

So today, let’s ask God how we can grow in loving one another, and let’s look for ways to encourage one another so we don’t slip into ungodly patterns as the false teachers did.

Have a great day!