Bible Reading Day 347

by markburlinson

Day 347: December 13 (Revelation 3)

Good morning!

Yesterday’s email missed one of the four churches addressed in Chapter 2: Thyatira, the church that tolerated deception.

Today, in chapter 3, Jesus speaks to three more churches through John’s letters, completing the messages to the seven churches.

Sardis is the church that had fallen asleep – that was dead although it appeared alive.

Philadelphia is the church that endured patiently; the persevering church.

Finally Laodicea is the church which is lukewarm, neither hot nor cold.

Repeatedly Jesus tells us to listen to what the Spirit says to the churches, and repeatedly He tells us that we will be victorious if we endure, persevere, repent, and return to our first love.

There can be no room in our hearts for complacency, or selfishness, or double-mindedness. Instead, our Lord is powerful and will faithfully redeem us when He returns.

I pray for all of us that we will be more aware of Jesus today than ever, and allow that awareness to give us steadfast courage and expectant hope, looking more at what God is doing than at the fallen world around us.

Have a great day!