Bible Reading Day 348

by markburlinson

Day 348: December 14 (Revelation 4)

Good morning!

We now move from the letters to the churches to the rest of the revelation. Verse 1 tells us that this concerns the future; commentators and theologians have long disagreed over whether all that is recorded is still to come, or whether some has already taken place.

As we read, let’s remember that the stated purpose of this whole book is to reveal Jesus, and specifically to reveal Him as the ultimate authority in heaven and earth – the victor over evil and sin. Beyond that we would do well to limit ourselves to learning principles from Revelation and not using it as a lens through which to interpret current events or to judge other Christians. Both those errors have led to a great deal of discord in the Church throughout history!

Chapter 4 gives us a glimpse into heaven – the worship, the power, the glory and honor, the authority of God and the willing submission and adoration of everyone present. These examples give us the lead – let’s prioritize worshiping God for who He is, and submit to Him whatever our circumstances in this world, knowing that in heaven everything will be totally different!

How can you join in with heaven’s worship today?

Have a great day!