Bible Reading Day 348

by markburlinson

Day 349: December 15 (Revelation 5)

Good morning!

Yesterday we considered how we can join in with heaven’s worship. Today we see that worship continuing, and also get a glimpse into one of the reasons why there is worship in heaven.

We start with God on the throne, holding a scroll (representing revelation and wisdom from God). It appears there is no-one worthy to open the scroll, so the revelation of God will not be unsealed. But then the Lamb (Jesus) who is described as the one slain from before the foundation of the world is found worthy to open the scroll. How wonderful! Not only do we have a Savior who is worthy to open God’s revelation to us, but He is also the one who was willing to lay down His life from BEFORE the world was ever created.

The Incarnation that we celebrate in less than two weeks, and the crucifixion, were not God’s rescue plan for a creation that went wrong, as much as they are an eternal commitment to humanity in God’s heart before He ever created us.

And the rest of the chapter shows us more worship in heaven in response to this wonderful love. God’s eternally redemptive character, and His settled embrace of self-sacrifice on behalf of His creation, are the foundation and cause of eternal worship and joy.

Let’s allow that joy to overflow in our lives today: Happy Sunday!

Have a great day!