Bible Reading Day 350

by markburlinson

Day 350: December 16 (Revelation 6)

Good morning!

Yesterday we read about Jesus (the Lamb) having an eternal heart for fulfilling God’s purpose (represented by the scroll sealed up). The eternal nature of God is redemptive and loving.

Today we see aother side to that nature: since there is evil in creation, judgment is necessary. Just as a child who has been playing outside needs cleaning up to come into the house, so God’s creation has been defiled by satan and sin. Today we read about the beginning of the “cleanup” process with the first records of judgment in the Revelation.

The seven seals represent seven judgments, and today we read about the first six. Four are pictured as horses with riders, the fifth is pictured as the souls of righteous men and women throughout history calling out to God for justice, and the sixth is figurative of the end of the world.

Although there is clearly chronology in these events, there is no sign of timing in them. It would be a mistake to try to create a timescale or historical positioning for these visions. They are intended to show us Jesus victorious, and teach us principles that will guide our lives as we look forward expectantly to these future events.

Since we know this world will come to an end, and evil will be judged, let’s seek today to live as citizens of another kingdom: focused on higher values than those of the world around us.

Have a great day!