Bible Reading Day 352

by markburlinson

Day 352: December 18 (Revelation 8)

Good morning!

In Chapter 8 we come to the seventh seal of judgment. After Jesus opens this final seal, there is silence in heaven for a time; an indication of importance and finality.

This leads on to a second series of seven judgments, heralded by angels with trumpets. These judgments reflect the judgments on Egypt under Moses, and we have four of them in ths chapter. None of them is universal, but each is more drastic than those we saw with the seals. The sense is of judgment increasing, in anticipation of final judgment to follow (with the bowls, which we shall see later).

Notice that these judgments are preceded by an angel offering the prayers of the saints at the altar of God. The saints have nothing to fear with these judgments, not because they are not affected, but because their eternal destiny is settled, and nothing can separate them from God’s love.

Let’s be people of prayer today, and remember the overarching theme of this great revelation: God is holy and has redeemed us for Himself.

Have a great day!