Bible Reading Day 353

by markburlinson

Day 353: December 19 (Revelation 9)

Good morning!

After the first four trumpet judgments, the fifth judgment includes the “first terror” – tormenting creatures that come up from the pit and cause great pain to all who do not have God’s seal on them.

Then the sixth trumpet brings the second terror – God releases four angels to come with their armies and kill a third of the people on earth with fire and smoke and burning sulfur.

Yet, still those who survive refuse to turn away from their sins: idolatry, murder, witchcraft, sexual immorality, and theft.

God shows Himself powerful, yet merciful; the purpose of His judgment is two-fold. First He is cleansing His creation of sin, and second He hopes to shake those who oppose Him out of their blindness so that they can turn to Him. John tells us that many will not do this, but today we can also celebrate that we have turned to Jesus, and ask Him to draw many others to Himself.

Have a great day!