Bible Reading Day 354

by markburlinson

Day 354: December 20 (Revelation 10)

Good morning!

Twelve more days!

The seventh angel is about to blow his trumpet, signifying the end of this phase of the judgments. First he shouts, and is answered by seven thunders, but John is not permitted to write down what those voices said.

This angel is holding a scroll, again signifying God’s word. John is commanded to take the scroll from the angel, and the angel adds the instruction to eat the scroll (i.e. to feed on God’s Word). The promise is that it will taste pleasant to start with and then turn sour.

The implication is that God’s word is sweet to us, but when digested, harder to share with others; John is told he will continue to prophesy – worse is yet to come!

For us, the sweetness of God’s Word is a joy, even if the application of His Word sets our stomachs on edge!

Have a great day!