Bible Reading Day 355

by markburlinson

Day 355: December 21 (Revelation 11)

Good morning!

We continue with the sixth and seventh trumpet judgments, and within those judgements, three terrors. Yesterday’s account of the little scroll was a parenthesis in the sixth judgment. Today the parenthesis continues with the two witnesses.

Much of the description of these two is figurative or symbolic. It would be a mistake to look through history or among current events for the exact details described. What John is seeing is teaching him (and us) about principles of God’s holiness, the necessity and justice of His judgment, and the victory of the Lamb and His followers.

The terrors show us that God’s judgment will strike at the hearts of all who do not follow Jesus, but there is no indication that His people are terrified. Rather they are worshiping along with the hosts of heaven, and God is vindicating their faith and endurance.

The seventh trumpet brings the reign of God, and the final judgment. Up to this point the terrible things that happen are preparatory, now God will complete what He has started!

Today we can follow heaven’s example and thank God for His rule, His activity, His judgment, and His victory. We are all included, from the least to the greatest, and we will be witnesses of the finality of God’s justice as He cleans away all sin and evil, bringing a new heaven and a new earth.

Have a great day!