Bible Reading Day 356

by markburlinson

Day 356: December 22 (Revelation 12)

Good morning!

Happy Sunday!

Just ten more days to go! (the plan has 366 days so we will have a reading on Jan 1st).

In chapter 12 we are in the time of the seventh trumpet judgment, but this chapter is another parenthesis, referring to the Woman and the War in heaven.

We have seen much imagery and symbolism in Revelation, and this chapter is no exception. The Woman represents Eve, humanity, and the Church. The dragon represents satan. Learned interpreters and scholars have also added other layers of interpretation – particularly regarding the history at the time John saw this vision, with Roman persecution of the Church increasing.

In the midst of the war in heaven, we see that our accuser is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. What is your testimony today? Share it with someone and see the devil defeated!

Have a great day!