Bible Reading Day 359

by markburlinson

Day 359: Christmas Day, December 25 (Revelation 15)

Good morning, Merry Christmas!

As we celebrate the coming of Jesus in human form, carried by a virgin teenager, and born in humble circumstances, we also read about the prelude to the final judgments when Jesus will return as the victorious Lord of All.

We see seven angels (the number of perfection), holding seven bowls. We hear the song of heaven, reflecting the Song of Moses, singing the praises of the Lamb. Then we see the fulfilment of God’s action in the incarnation: the Temple in heaven stands open wide. The way will be open for anyone who loves God to come in. But before that, comes the seven bowls of God’s wrath – judgment on all evil and sin. Until this is poured out no-one can enter the Temple.

So today, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus with family and friends, let’s also talk about the coming return of Jesus to complete the clean-up of unrighteousness. He will come soon, and we are to anticipate His return.

May the Prince of Peace be born afresh in your hearts today.

Have a great day!