Bible Reading Day 363

by markburlinson

Day 363: December 29 (Revelation 19)

Good morning, Happy Sunday!

The End Is Nigh! (No – not an apocalyptic banner, but a statement about this year’s daily readings: you have almost completed a year in the New Testament, well done!)

Today we read about the worship and rejoicing in heaven as the judgments reach their conclusion and the fulfilment of God’s plan draws near. Had you ever thought that heaven is saddened by the evil in the world? More than any human sadness, since heaven’s armies know how far humanity has fallen! Well that will soon come to an end.

The second part of the chapter reveals Jesus riding out to conquer on a white horse, symbolizing pure power and authority. The victory over satan and his armies is complete.

Reason indeed for all of heaven to rejoice. Let’s join in the celebration as we wait patiently for these things to take place!

Have a great day!