Bible Reading Day 364

by markburlinson

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Day 364: December 30 (Revelation 20)

Good morning!

We are nearing the glorious conclusion of the Book of Revelation, and the conclusion of 2013. We have two more chapters after today (so we will be reading on January 1st).

Next year we will be using the NT+ Plan from More details on that tomorrow. These daily emails will continue. The format will be slightly changed for the new plan, but I will let you know more on that before we finish the year!

Today we see several “last things” in quick succession. There are seven in total (that will be no surprise after all the other sevens in Revelation). The first two, The Second Coming of Jesus and the battle at the end of the ages, were in Chapter 19 yesterday. Today the next four things are described, and the last “last thing” is saved for Chapter 21 tomorrow.

The four “last things” we see today are: #3 – satan is bound for 1000 years, #4 – Jesus reigns for the millenium with the martyrs, #5 – satan is unleashed and destroyed at the end of the 1000 years, and #6 – the great white throne judgment takes place.

In every case, judgment is set against the backdrop of blessing because Jesus is victorious. Ultimately, everything is thrown into the lake of fire apart from those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, namely all who have trusted Jesus for salvation.

So today, we can rejoice that one day all that opposes God will be removed, and all that causes us to struggle in this world will go with it. Our future is bright, and we will see just how bright tomorrow.

Until then – have a great day!