Bible Reading Day 365

by markburlinson

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Day 365: December 31 (Revelation 21)

Good morning!

For the last day of the year, we have a reading which begins with the seventh, and final, “last thing” – the eternal state which continues forever after the judgment of sin and evil is complete.

The seventh “last thing” is John’s vision of the perfect future – the new heaven and new earth, in which there is a new Jerusalem; not a physical city but a bride for Jesus, namely the Church Universal.

The new city has no Temple – for God and the Lamb are its temple, and no sun or moon – for God and the Lamb are its light.

Clearly this description is more metaphorical than literal, but it concludes the foundational theme of this whole book – that Jesus is victorious and overcomes evil. Our heritage as believers is certain. None of us knows the timetable, but we can all be sure of the outcome!

I hope your New Year celebrations are full of joy and hope – we have one more reading in this series tomorrow, and then we move on to the NT+ Plan for 2014.

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